Michael Holm aka. Kulitorum's personal website

Head of Research and Development
3D Printhuset, Copenhagen

3D model and printer

More information about the house we are printing and the printer that prints it.

Printing the foundation

Foundation is 3D printed bacause that was the easiest way to make sure the house would fit on top. It would be very diffucult to communicate the shape of the foundation to the guys that would have to make it the old fashion way, so we decided to just 3D print it.

Extruder servo burn-in test

I am replacing the stepper motor in the extruder with a servo motor with a 1:100 gear.
This should give me 488Nm of power on the extruder which is around 10 times more then what I got from my Nema43 Stepper motor with a 1:20 gear.