Burn-in test Parker servo

Test of a new extruder motor for The BOD - Building on demand.

I am running a burn in test to verify the stability of the system and to check how hot the motor gets. Yesterday I had it running for 20 mins and reached 51c on the motor and 54c on the gear.

Motor is running 53revs/sec at 1.4Nm and is geared down 1:120 (gear effecency 97%) so I get 162.96Nm on the end shaft. - at idle.

A servomotor can sustain a peak load of 300% for a short while, so if a rock gets in the way of the extruder screw, I should have 488.88Nm available to push it out. With a 45mm radius screw, I should have around 10kN to push it out.

Servo Motor Parker SMH 60601,45112I654
Gear with Shaft PLE 80/90 I:120 SMx60..5.11
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